Effects are here to stay!

"OH MY GOD! my filter effects are gone! They are all gone!" -You?

What is FilterKeeper?

FilterKeeper creates copies of photos so that iOS filter effects won't disappear when exported to other devices.

But... But.. Why? Who needs that???

Well, when you sync or export your photos from your iPhone, your beautiful filter effects are lost!
This app enables you to keep your filter effects, ensuring that you'll be able to export your photos, upload to Dropbox, post to Google+, sync to your PC, and do the funky chicken dance. No matter what you do, the filters will stay!

Why is that happening???

This seems to be an intentional design choice by Apple.
The photos in ios7 are "lossless" which means the filters are applied distinctly from the raw image file. When the image is exported, the filter disappears based on what device/os/program is being used. Well, almost all of them won't show the filters. That's where the problem lies.

And how does FilterKeeper solve that?

It creates a new photo that keeps the filter effect.
FilterKeeper finds those photos that have ios7 filter effects attached to them, lets you choose the photos that you want to be processed, and saves the effects to the image itself.

No other solutions??

Well none that are as plain and simple as FilterKeeper is.

Thanks! you saved me!

You're welcome!


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